Friday, April 17, 2009

Block of the month kits

There are a couple block of the month programs calling to me. Usually I avoid them because the ones that draw me are usually appliqued. And, while I can hand applique it is not my favorite thing to do. I'm impatient, in a hurry, want it asap. If it can be done on the machine then I want to use the machine. That said, my favorite ways to applique are fusible with machine buttonhole and machine applique that gives a hand done look.

Well, no more! How silly to put off a quilt because of some crazy pre-conceived notion. So, I broke down and signed up for the block of the month to do the Merry Christmas quilt and will do fusible applique with machine buttonhole stitch. I will still hand embroider the bits that need it and add button, bells, bows, etc. after it is quilted. My goal is to have it finished for Christmas 2009.

The first letter, cut out, fused, and buttonholed, is ready to embroider. The fabrics are mostly Moda's Merry and Bright. The block finishes at 10".

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One of the R's ready to be buttonholed.
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Now, have you seen the Happy Hauntings by Verna Mosquera? Oh, how I want that one too!

Happy quilting!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh, my aching back and a snail's trail quilt

I've not done much sewing or blogging the last few weeks. My back whacked out and sitting for long periods hurt way too much. I've have a worse backache but never one that lasted so long. Went to the OSHA website and read up on ergonomics. I'm going to make some adjustments as the wallet allows and vow to get up and stretch more.

This morning is the first time I was able to get up and not feel throbbing and last night I could turn over and not wake up from the pain. Yay! So back to sewing!!!

Meanwhile, in an effort to put something quilty up, here is a quilt I shared at the bedturning our quilt group had a couple months ago.


It was made for a queen size bed but wasn't quilted until after we had bought a king so it doesn't get used or enjoyed much. It's one of my favorites though and one of these days I'll add a sleeve to hang it up. The snail's trail pattern is very attractive to me and I enjoy making it especially with a large variety of fabrics.

My story which I should attach to the quilt is:
"This quilt was made about 10 years ago in California. We had so many snails that I’d put plants out one day and the next morning they had eaten them to the ground. So I sank bowls in the ground and filled them with beer to attract them. Maybe they died happy. I felt kind of bad killing off so many that I made a snail’s trail quilt and had it quilted with an all over flower pattern in their honor".

Hope to see you around more. Don't forget to take breaks and stretch!