Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A scrap story

The bin was overflowing.
Started sorting by color.
Got mom to help sort them.
Some colors took two grocery bags, others barely the bottom of the bag.
Started sorting the colors into two types - bright, fun prints and country colors.
Took the two types and sorted the big pieces from the small.
Found another box full of scraps. Ugh. Worked on those.
Decided to make a quilt for dd for Christmas.
Tore through the bags.
Made a mess.
Made a quilt.

Now it's time for another quilt and the brights are coming out to play.

Had 17 of these 7" blocks but no idea where I was originally headed. Made a plan on EQ then made 32 more blocks. Bought the sashing and border fabric (nothing big enough in the stash) and it's ready to put together for a quilt that will measure 72x72 or so. I kind of found it hard to decide on a sashing color with so many colors in the blocks. Had dd help decide so we will see if it works.

While the brights were out I decided to do a string quilt and started cutting strips from widths of 1" to 2 1/2". Here's where they are headed. Funny but these blocks are 7" too. What an odd size.
bright string centers

Possible layout: tilt head to the right or left - it will be set as an X not a +.
bright string X

Possible layout 2: sashing between to define circles. There are only 31 of these so far but there are more scraps to cut. Not sure how big it will be yet - maybe when the scraps run out or I'm out of phonebook pages or I get tired of sewing strings. We'll see.
bright string circle

You can see other String X quilts here . If you scroll down there are more links to other string X quilts. Meanwhile, check out her other scrap quilts and get some inspiration to use yours up.

Even if I don't get around to making a top for a while it is so much nicer to have stacked up blocks instead of bags stuffed with bits and pieces.

Hasta manana.

p.s. I am saving the little itty bitty tiny itsy (you get the point) pieces for another project too. LOL Obsessive, compulsive personality type.

Monday, February 23, 2009

One step forward and two steps

to the side. Not going to say back. How can it be back if you are playing or learning something new?

Even though I have not blogged I have not been idle. I have lots of pics but will only share a few and save the others for another day.

First up... gotta share my dogs...

The first one is Frankie. I just love this guy with his backwards hat and his tongue hanging out. Don't mind the eyes those are just buttons I laid on there for now. They really look weird and kind of freaky in the pics without eyes.
Dazzling Dog

Next is Major. Good name for him because he was a major pain. First I made a block but didn't like the buttonholing because I did it on my dd's machine and kept doing things backwards. You get so used to your own. I messed his tongue up on the first one anyway. So here is the second one and can you believe it! I messed the tongue up on him too. It was tucked up under his chin instead of coming from under his mouth. I decided he didn't need a tongue and just removed it all together. He's still a good boy though and a friendly pack member.
Dazzling Dog

I did get my stack of blocks finished but will post them tomorrow (or the next day (or the next))with another stack of blocks I've been working on. Meanwhile, here are the side steps.

These little cutesies are so much fun to make. I saw one at the quilt store and came home and played.

This one is made from the leftovers of dd's quilt I made her at Christmas, so, of course, she has it in her room and has already dropped some of her jewelry (aka shrinky dinks) into it.

And this is the first one I made. Much smaller than the blue. The blue is about 9" across. The orange is about 6.5" and much more shallow. Wish I hadn't added the light orange solid ring but, oh, well, I still like it. It is sitting by my sewing machine holding feet and machine needles and a few other little essentials.

I see many bowls in my future and have ideas running through my head.

Well, hasta manana. For real maybe this time. Where the heck DID the last 10 days go?


Thursday, February 12, 2009

You would not recognize me...and a dog...

Ha. Anyone who knows me would not recognize me today. At least from the back. I have been sewing my butt off and it is almost gone. hahaha I wish! I pulled an old project out (why? when I had others out already) and felt the urge to work on it.

This morning I sat down on EQ and did a block and color layout. Cut umpteen hundreds more squares and have been sewing ever since. I had 17 blocks and need 49 and if I keep at it they will be done tonight. Tomorrow morning at the latest. Don't want to stop to do a pic so that will be tomorrow too. It's all out of scraps again. Now to scrounge the cabinets for the sashing and borders. Got a feeling I will be "forced" to shop just a little bit. Awww.

Now the dog part of the program...
Introducing Pugsley. He's a nature lover and doesn't mind that weird butterfly sitting on his head.
Oops. I noticed after I took the pic that I had forgotten to buttonhole around one of his eye patches. It's been fixed since.

Back to the machine. Have a good rest of the day.

Hasta manana.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another pack member

I'm ready to have a full no cleaning, no running, minimal cooking, sewing day. I think I'll recruit my mom to iron strips and work on turning strips/scraps into blocks. I'm dedicated to cleaning out scraps and smaller pieces this year as well as completing UFOs.

Meanwhile, here's another dog block. She's known as Prissy on the pattern and she is. Nothing like my dearly departed poodle, Bunny, who could run with the big dogs. Prissy makes me think of a librarian. haha After quilting, she'll have a beaded eyeglass holder dangling down. Won't that look cute?

Starting to think about settings and thinking simple is the way to go so it doesn't compete with the pack members.

On a serious note... couldn't sleep last night due to worrying. Yesterday my debit/credit card was declined at Target. I thought it was just my card was old and worn out (can't tell you how many times I've stuck it in my jeans and washed it). Then late yesterday I was called to say my payment was declined for our mail order prescriptions. Alarm bell goes off. I call the bank and my credit card number had been stolen. Someone tried to put through a purchase of airline tickets on Air Arabia. I feel invaded, stressed. Luckily the bank caught it and cancelled my card. Now I have to make calls to companies that have automatic deductions today - insurance, etc. I'm just sure I'll forget something and it will be an additional hassle.

Guess the thing, besides the hassle, is not knowing how it was stolen - an employee somewhere? online? so I'm not sure what to do for it not to happen again other than keep a close watch. Grrrr. It's frustrating.

Off to happier things in my sewing room.

Hasta manana.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dog days #2

Another pooch ready. This is Garcia, a peaceful, loving dog with retro 70's flair. If you ever make a Garcia I'd advise you to work on him when you are at your peak sewing time. Buttonholing around all those hairs can make you crazy. I finished him up last night when I was on the tired side so there is my excuse for any funky stitching on him. Still need to work on his Love medallion. He's one of my favorites of the bunch.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Obsessed and a Wha-Wha

Hobbies! Sigh! There are just so many things to do and just not enough time.

Quilting is definitly a hobby that takes time. And so is genealogy research. Which is exactly what I've been doing lately.

Something caught my interest on my son's paternal line and I went nutso. My eyes are crossed, my back is kinked, and sleep has been put on hold. If you research your family you know what I mean. This past week has been gathering basic info (census records and a few obits) and some not so basic (military and tax records), setting up the family in Family Tree Maker, and setting up a book. I've quickly gotten to the mid-1800's but now I have to stop and regroup. Gets a little tougher once the census records go beyond the 1850's. Now it's time for creative thinking.

So today instead of spending the entire day on genealogy creative thinking I decided to spend a little time on quilting creative thinking. Pulled out a UFO last week to kit up but decided to finish it instead. This is the little guy I worked on today...the Wha-Wha (my dd's name for her favorite beanie when she was much younger).

What do you think?

Ha! Fooled you! This is the front although the back is almost cute too. Almost.

This is one of 12 dog patterns by Amy Bradley Designs from 2002. I'm doing 9 dogs instead of 12. It will be a fun, bright spot in my hallway this Spring. (Edited 2 hours later: Hey, look what I found on her website... a FREE dog pattern Check it out.

I have others complete but will hold out on showing too many at once. Build the suspense and all that stuff.

Oh, and, speaking of little guys, how could I forget... look at my beautiful little grandson.
He just turned 2 months in this pic. He's so happy and interested and squishy. It was so wonderful to see him. Now move back here son! Free babysitting (imagine carrot in front of donkey's nose). He's 26" and just 2 months! He comes from a long line of tall men... I know this for a fact from genealogy research so he is well on his way.