Sunday, February 8, 2009

Obsessed and a Wha-Wha

Hobbies! Sigh! There are just so many things to do and just not enough time.

Quilting is definitly a hobby that takes time. And so is genealogy research. Which is exactly what I've been doing lately.

Something caught my interest on my son's paternal line and I went nutso. My eyes are crossed, my back is kinked, and sleep has been put on hold. If you research your family you know what I mean. This past week has been gathering basic info (census records and a few obits) and some not so basic (military and tax records), setting up the family in Family Tree Maker, and setting up a book. I've quickly gotten to the mid-1800's but now I have to stop and regroup. Gets a little tougher once the census records go beyond the 1850's. Now it's time for creative thinking.

So today instead of spending the entire day on genealogy creative thinking I decided to spend a little time on quilting creative thinking. Pulled out a UFO last week to kit up but decided to finish it instead. This is the little guy I worked on today...the Wha-Wha (my dd's name for her favorite beanie when she was much younger).

What do you think?

Ha! Fooled you! This is the front although the back is almost cute too. Almost.

This is one of 12 dog patterns by Amy Bradley Designs from 2002. I'm doing 9 dogs instead of 12. It will be a fun, bright spot in my hallway this Spring. (Edited 2 hours later: Hey, look what I found on her website... a FREE dog pattern Check it out.

I have others complete but will hold out on showing too many at once. Build the suspense and all that stuff.

Oh, and, speaking of little guys, how could I forget... look at my beautiful little grandson.
He just turned 2 months in this pic. He's so happy and interested and squishy. It was so wonderful to see him. Now move back here son! Free babysitting (imagine carrot in front of donkey's nose). He's 26" and just 2 months! He comes from a long line of tall men... I know this for a fact from genealogy research so he is well on his way.

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Anonymous said...

Ok -- dog? Dang cute! Grand baby ... Puts the dog to shame. I wish I appreciated my geneology more ... hum, maybe someday!