Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another pack member

I'm ready to have a full no cleaning, no running, minimal cooking, sewing day. I think I'll recruit my mom to iron strips and work on turning strips/scraps into blocks. I'm dedicated to cleaning out scraps and smaller pieces this year as well as completing UFOs.

Meanwhile, here's another dog block. She's known as Prissy on the pattern and she is. Nothing like my dearly departed poodle, Bunny, who could run with the big dogs. Prissy makes me think of a librarian. haha After quilting, she'll have a beaded eyeglass holder dangling down. Won't that look cute?

Starting to think about settings and thinking simple is the way to go so it doesn't compete with the pack members.

On a serious note... couldn't sleep last night due to worrying. Yesterday my debit/credit card was declined at Target. I thought it was just my card was old and worn out (can't tell you how many times I've stuck it in my jeans and washed it). Then late yesterday I was called to say my payment was declined for our mail order prescriptions. Alarm bell goes off. I call the bank and my credit card number had been stolen. Someone tried to put through a purchase of airline tickets on Air Arabia. I feel invaded, stressed. Luckily the bank caught it and cancelled my card. Now I have to make calls to companies that have automatic deductions today - insurance, etc. I'm just sure I'll forget something and it will be an additional hassle.

Guess the thing, besides the hassle, is not knowing how it was stolen - an employee somewhere? online? so I'm not sure what to do for it not to happen again other than keep a close watch. Grrrr. It's frustrating.

Off to happier things in my sewing room.

Hasta manana.


Passionate Quilter said...

that's a big fear of mine--because of all the headaches,etc. I'm so sorry it happened to you. At least the bank caught it. But still, to notify all the companies that automatically deduct. Geez. Our bank wrote us and told us to cut up our credit card and they'd reissue a new one because a client of their's had their computer hacked into and compromised all the credit cards. I feel sorry for the banks. I hope you get everythign settled quickly and you can get back to quilting!

Anonymous said...

Melody -- weren't we just talking about this? Hope we didn't JINX you. What a pain in the neck. AIR ARABIA??? Hum, that sounds awfully fishy. Sorry you have to mess with the nasty, stinky, fishy things today. Hope the comfort of stylin' doggies comforts you. Your dogs are so Westminsterish!

Anonymous said...

AW ... forgot to mention. Talked to Wendy and she said she would be happy to quilt!