Thursday, February 12, 2009

You would not recognize me...and a dog...

Ha. Anyone who knows me would not recognize me today. At least from the back. I have been sewing my butt off and it is almost gone. hahaha I wish! I pulled an old project out (why? when I had others out already) and felt the urge to work on it.

This morning I sat down on EQ and did a block and color layout. Cut umpteen hundreds more squares and have been sewing ever since. I had 17 blocks and need 49 and if I keep at it they will be done tonight. Tomorrow morning at the latest. Don't want to stop to do a pic so that will be tomorrow too. It's all out of scraps again. Now to scrounge the cabinets for the sashing and borders. Got a feeling I will be "forced" to shop just a little bit. Awww.

Now the dog part of the program...
Introducing Pugsley. He's a nature lover and doesn't mind that weird butterfly sitting on his head.
Oops. I noticed after I took the pic that I had forgotten to buttonhole around one of his eye patches. It's been fixed since.

Back to the machine. Have a good rest of the day.

Hasta manana.


Sipiweske Quilts said...

You've been a very busy gal! I'm lovin' all those dogs . . . each one has so much character. Happy Friday. - Marlene

suz said...

Love your "pack". A bee-mate made those blocks a couple of years ago - love that pattern and anything else Amy designs.

Noticed you were subject to identity theft. You should check with your insurance company and see if they have insurance for it. Liberty Mutual does and now that I do overseas ordering (can't control myself with Australian stuff!), it made sense - and the cost was very reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melody, Look at Freda's Hive post for today - Fri. She posts about a shop named Gracie Lou's in Salem, Ut -- where my sister lives -- about an hour south of the Family History Center in SLC. I am feeling this DESIRE to head north.