Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why I picked my blog name - why did you pick yours?

After starting this blog I was kind of worried that my blog name would seem, hmmm, well, raunchy? I hope not though.

It really started because I'm a doll collector. Mostly vinyl play dolls. And those kids are always wanting new stuff - accessories, clothes, shoes, furniture. It's like having a couple hundred kids to support. I'm currently thinning my collection and let me tell you, it's hard to let them go. But unless I want to move to a bigger house (that sounds good - can it be where it's cooler?) I have to pick and choose and let go.

Then my thinking evolved and it seemed to just fit my life. First, I have a couple young drama queens in my life - dd (10), and dgd (20) and no, I don't have those ages backwards. After these two my son and dgs are pieces of cake.

Also, I grew up with 4 sisters. Talk about a hormonal nightmare growing up! Nothing more need be said.

Now, I'm helping my mom out a lot. There is 70 years difference between her and my daughter and my arms have stretched out a couple feet from the tug of war between dh, dd, and dmom of who gets my time. Yup, very demanding.

Finally, this is the ugly middle-age menopausal part. I said "enough!" Between dh, dd, mom, I was going nuts and started stomping, screaming, ranting and raving that I needed time to do what I loved too and pick up after yourself, I'm not a short order cook, no I won't take you to the mall, etc. They kind of went in shock and I got my way (somewhat, kind of - because they keep trying to take over again). But, sigh, it's been better and I have absolutely no problem with throwing a temper tantrum again if that's what it takes.

So, now, I'm "the demanding doll" and plan on staying that way for my own sanity's sake!

To all those nice quiet little kids that sit on my shelf - thank you.

Where did you get your blog name from? I'd like to know.

Effanbee baby and My Twinn Cookie
Effanbee baby and My Twinn Cookie

Kish - Mowgli and Hallmark pedal car - he wants (needs) new clothes. See his cute toes on the pedal. Awwww.
Kish Kid in Hallmark pedal car

More Kish kids - I just love these little ones. They have too many toys. (Ignore bad photography and scrapbook paper background).


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Yes I did wonder about the name! I figured it had to do with dolls, so I understood :o) I know how you feel. My Mom is 71 and I care for her.... And I have three teenage daughters 17, 18, and 20. My poor husband!

Anonymous said...

Heheheh Good for you! Tantrums always work for me, my kids and my husband Fly out of my way =)

My blog is named after my mom's favorite "comfort" meal. She always had my Grandma make it for her when we went to visit. When I started a little primitive/quilt show business a fews years ago that is what I named it.