Thursday, November 13, 2008

Giveaway and what's been up

You gotta check out this giveaway at the Old Red Barn Co.! blog. She's giving away three (yes, 3!) quilts. Wouldn't that be a great holiday gift for yourself? If you can't enter, great! Maybe that will give me a better shot at one of them. (Little greedy thing going here.) And I have my eye on one in particular.

Now, what quilty stuff was going on this past week? Nothing. Don't you just hate those work frenzies followed by lulls? I want work frenzy all the time. Guess you need down time to think, chill, do the domestic thing, deal with reality.

I did do other somethings though...

  • Thursday - spent about 8 hours organizing the garage somewhat - what was I thinking?
  • Friday - Fall Festival at the school
  • Saturday - picnic party
  • Saturday night - sleepover with 4 giggling girls (I swear they are louder than a large group of boys),
  • Sunday still had girls
  • Monday - sick kid home from doing too much all weekend
  • Tuesday - everyone leave me alone or else! where I proceeded to tear up 3 rooms in the house and called it reorganizing except I haven't put it all back in a logical place
  • Wednesday - quilt group potluck (unbelievable amount of food) and visit/lecture from Patricia Knoechel.
  • Which brings us back to today - I'm at a standstill. Was supposed to go do a little sewing this morning but I'm like a deer in headlights. Just can't seem to get moving. Economy worries. Should have gone sewing so I would shut off the brain for a bit from reality. KWIM?

We thought we were going to welcome my son's baby-boy-to-be yesterday, but, no, the little guy is refusing to make his entrance. They are now thinking his name will be Max (Maxwell or Maximillian). His quilt is still not quilted. Yup, at a standstill. I need a poke with a straight pin.

Maybe quilty stuff tomorrow...


Quilter Going Bananas said...

yeah, I know what you mean, i hate when that happens. hopefully another quilting frenzy is right around the corner...

Purple Pam said...

Yes, I am that person. Love your Square in a Square quilt.