Sunday, December 7, 2008

A new UFO almost

Quilting, Christmas decorating, furniture rearranging, shopping. Who has time for blogging? Time to stop and get a grip. Time to breathe and let December ease on through. Assume lotus position - ahh-ohm, ahh-ohm. Doesn't that feel better?

Instead of blogging I've been working furiously to get my granddaughter's quilt finished in time to go to the quilter. But - ICK. No, major ICK. I just don't like it. The pattern put together just totally turns me off.

It really was going to be stuffed into a drawer but my sister talked me through the stuff it stage. This will get done one way or the other. Too much money and time has gone into it and I just don't want another UFO.

So I've spent today disassembling the darn thing. Some of the blocks can't be used because I had added the corner units and cut the background off. I'm putting it on the wall to try to salvage as much as I can - 19 blocks out of 30. I'll have to make one more block for the quilt. There is a plain square substituting for it in the pic. The others will be used as a purse or something - who knows.

The colors in the top photo are the true colors. My camera batteries were low and I could only get the funky color in the bottom pic.

This is where it was going. I had almost changed my mind about the pattern but had kept changing my mind on everything so "forced" myself to go with it. What happened? It's way too busy. Feels choppy. Bad mix of fabrics. Was going to use just one fabric throughout for the corners that make up the square but went with the mix and it was a mistake. Maybe I should have gone with my intuition from the beginning and used a different pattern. Really, I dislike it so much that I'm pretty embarrassed to show it. But maybe someone else will learn from my error.

Here is one of the new options. Took the corners off of the ones that hadn't been cut so it's no longer an octagon. The squares make it calmer. It won't make it to the quilter on time and it might not go to my dgd.

Why the heck is this thing giving me such a problem?


Anonymous said...

Oh I was loving the quilt! I can't believe you took it aprart!!!But I do love scrappy and some people just don't. The colors in the quilt are beautiful and however you end up putting it together it will be stunning. Don't give up on it =) much quilty love coming your way!!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

What have you decided to do? The simpler layout makes it less busy. Did you look at the quilt top from far away (like a pic taken with a camera) instead of way up close? The different perspective may help :^)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I think it is darling. It is really rich looking and I love all the fabrics.

Mary said...

Oh I just love the colors and the size of the blocks are just beautiful! Great Blog! Hugs, Mary