Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy New Year aka Happy School Year

It started yesterday. Every year it's a mixture of "thank heavens summer is officially over" and "oh, my baby." This year was no different. After dropping my daughter off I came home and had to just sit and shed a few tears. I'll probably still do this when she is a senior.

Before leaving I snapped photos and told her I'd scrap a page that said - new shoes, new clothes, new haircut, new backpack, new year! So, I decided that yesterday would be the start of my new year as well. I'm never ready for it in January after all the holiday rush anyway. So here are my New Year's resolutions:

1. Snuggle with my baby every chance I get (she's growing up too fast). Stay calmer with my family - I'm a bit highly strung. Call them. Tell them I love them all the time. I try to do this but now it's written down and like an order. I HAVE to do it.

2. Sew every day. Even if it's only 15 minutes. Everytime I stop sewing for any length of time then go back to it I realize how much I missed it and how good it makes me feel to make something.

3. Get my photos in order - both on the computer and in files. Get them printed and in scrapbooks. To me, scrapping is just a way of buying paper fabric with the bonus of enjoying your photos.

4. Take a photo class again. The last photography class I took was 30 years ago. Things have changed a bit since then. haha

5. Continue to declutter and let go of things I don't really love. Someone else will love them more and I'd like them to. There has been such headway made on this the past year. I collect dolls and toys and glassware and fabric and yikes! It had gotten out of hand. So, if I don't really, really, really love it I gotta let it go.

6. Join a gym or at least walk the dog (once it's not 110 outside). The heat is stifling lately.

7. Refold all my fabric like this: this!
Thank you Happy Zombie for sharing this method.

8. Take belly dancing. Okay, well, that's a different story. :) But it looks like good exercise.

That seems like a good start. And they sound doable and enjoyable.

So Happy New Year to you all!

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Happy Zombie said...

My youngest son is a senior this year. Like you, I shed a few tears on the first day of school. I'm ready to cry buckets right now just thinking about my son's first day back at school. But ahe, I'm already getting over it.