Thursday, September 18, 2008

Almost back in the UFO pile

Worked on two of my UFO's today. It's amazing how much sewing you can get done if you ignore housework (and the computer).

Today I pulled out the block I didn't like from Frank and just put a simple string pieced block in it's place. The colors work much better. I also buttonholed around the cat, stars, bat, etc. Frank is ready to add a border to and quilt. Won't take a new pic until he's quilted. Woo hoo. He will get done, he will get done, he will.... You must have been reading my mind Melissa. :)

Not only that but I actually finished putting the bias on the last E and stitched all the bias down on the letters. A twin needle made quick work of it. Found one more mistake on the P. In the picture of it (in my last post) if you look you will see that the colors don't line up across. I added an extra turquoise piece below the red.

What's funny is that was probably the first letter I did and I screwed it up right at the beginning. That thing would have been in the UFO pile before I even did the other letters. Good thing I didn't catch it. I was feeling totally disgusted thinking a new P would have to be made then really looked at it and figured it out. I quickly removed the red and first turquoise piece and fixed it before I walked away from the machine. Only took about 10 minutes. Now the PEACE letters are ready for a backing and to be quilted. Double woo hoo!

What a good feeling today. Maybe I should clean something in celebration - not! Maybe I'll go watch "House" (he's such an obnoxious hunk) and eat pizza.

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Anonymous said...

Yeaaa! You did good girl! Hope you went with the pizza and t.v. instead of cleaning =)