Monday, October 6, 2008

Do it yourselfer - aka a new fan

I'm a do it yourselfer type person. Mix that with a good dollop of impatience and I'll try to repair what I can around the house. So years back I decided to put shelves up above one of my work tables in the sewing room. And since I knew I wouldn't be putting heavy things on it I didn't use anchors. It held quite nicely to display dolls and whatever.

Unfortunately, after a few years I forgot that there were no anchors in the drywall to support the shelves. One day I was sitting at the table on my laptop and crash! I mean CRASH! Everything came down on my head and lap - books, dolls, storage bins, scrapbook supplies. The worst of it was the heavy shelves, brackets and rods themselves. Fortunately, my daughter wasn't sitting at the table and my Mom was far enough back not to get hit by anything. At the first crack I had bent over to protect my laptop. Duh.

A few cuts, scrapes, and bruises later taught me a good lesson... let your husband do it. Haha. You thought I was going to say be patient or use anchors or something really deep didn't you. Nope, now I just nag my hubby to death until he does it. (Don't tell him I admitted to nagging please.)

So it was quite a surprise yesterday to find a new ceiling fan had been installed without even asking. The old one shook, wobbled in wild circles, and was horribly noisy. It felt like it was going to come down at any moment. Maybe he was afraid I'd try to change it or maybe he remembered my kitchen sink repair or the shelf installation. Whatever the reason it sure feels cooler than the other one and looks so much nicer. And he even cleaned up the dust and insulation mess!

What a nice guy. Hmmm, and looking at the picture I just remembered that I wanted to remove the popcorn ceiling. Nag or just do? ;0

3 comments: said...

Aww, what a nice and thoughtful surprise! I've totally done the missing sheetrock anchor thing myself so don't fee to bad! =)

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Oh! Glad you weren't seriously hurt! Ouch! I share your feelings about popcorn ceilings too but my DH won't do anything about it. Do you think your DH could remove all mine after he's done the work at your house? LOL

Sandi said...

The fan looks great. Only spend time on the ceiling if it inhibits your creativity. Otherwise put all your energy into your dolls and quilting. Hee hee! ;-)