Friday, October 31, 2008

Square in Square almost together

I have about 20 more seams to sew and this top is together. I will have to look for some border fabric but it won't hurt the pocket as much since this was scrap and on-hand fabrics.

On Wednesday my dd was looking at all the blocks and asked if I would finish it for her birthday. Had to laugh because her birthday was the next day (yesterday). Lots of non-quilters think we can whip them up that fast too though don't they?

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of going to an informal get together of quilters. They meet once a week to sew, chat, and munch. It was so nice to be around others who love fabric, sewing, and quilting and just the female yakkety-yak. Thanks Suzanne for inviting me! and I look forward to coming again.

Got a start on putting the square-in-square blocks together there. Then yesterday afternoon while the cake baked I hung the warm n' natural on the wall and laid out the blocks. Tried not to think too hard on what was next to what but with only 12 purple I wanted them spread out. DD walked by when she got home from school and said "this is for my room. These are the colors I love". She doesn't know that it is for her for Christmas. I'll have to see what she thinks of the snail's trail as it's pieced before I decide which to give her. Caught her looking at the picture of that one and she said she liked it too.

Maybe she will be a quilter one of these days. It warms my heart to think she might be.

Back to sewing and finishing up Halloween prep for my little ghoulie.

If you "do" Halloween, have a fun night. If not, I hope you have a quiet, peaceful evening and no t.p. in your trees. :)


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Quilter Going Bananas said...

Can't wait to see a pic of the finished quilt top. Nice that DD likes it already even though it's a surprise!