Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Basic math

Sally is making a quilt for her granddaughter. It is a quilt from a recent magazine. The block is simple but you have to piece it in the correct order. Sally makes 2 blocks on Tuesday night and screws them up. Sally makes two more blocks Tuesday night and they come out right. Sally makes 2 more blocks on Wednesday morning and again screws them up. How many blocks does Sally have completed? How many minutes has Sally wasted? How many pins is Sally going to use to pin everything together to make sure she does not screw up again?

a) Sally should pay more attention
b) too much info
c) 2
d) all the above

Bonus points: If Sally needs 30 blocks for her quilt and makes 6 blocks each day but screws 4 of them up each time how many days will it take for Sally to have 30 blocks.

a) 15 days
b) who cares because Sally will just throw it all in the UFO pile and give her granddaughter a gift certificate
c) Sally should go to the fabric store for retail therapy
d) all the above


Quilter Going Bananas said...

uh, uh, ummmmm....... the answer the question #1 is all of the above and oooooooooooh the answer to question #2 is 15 but I'll say all of the above again......Is this a true story and you're Sally? Poor Sally :^(((

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Lol... Retail therapy is the best!

Jillian's Blog said...

oh my, you are too funny!