Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mooommmm! They're laughing at me.

I'm telling, if you don't quit laughing at me. I can too get everything done before Christmas! I mean it! Quit laughing.

Just because I STILL don't have the baby quilt quilted, just because I STILL don't have the backing pieced for the square in square and have it ready to be quilted, just because I'm STILL cutting out my granddaughters full/queen top doesn't mean I can't get it done. Plus an exchange gift, plus a runner for mom, plus cookies, plus shopping, plus, plus, plus...

I hear you! Quit it. Stop laughing. I mean it!


The tester block without final corners put on to make outer circle.

The stack - 30 blocks in all - they're pretty big. Oh, my gosh I just remembered that I haven't planned the borders!

A happy girl because she has clothes on and so many don't. Note to self: finish dressing vinyl children for the holidays.


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Would you rather we nag you to get all your work done instead??

Anonymous said...

Hahahah (opps that wasn't laughing at you that was laughing WITH you)

You can do it!!! Just drink a whole pot of coffee RIGHT NOW and get to work =) I believe in you !!