Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In My Hallway - Memories

3/15/09 ETA: Ooops. Anyone that reads my blog must have thought I was really whacky. Some days I am but just to clarify I didn't make a first and second quilt for this doll. haha It was made for my daughter. Now you can read the post...

It's warming up, a bit too soon as far as I'm concerned. But as the days lengthen and the sun gets brighter it makes me want to bring out the bright, fun, and funky quilts. So in my hallway for the next few weeks is a bright and cheery quilt just right for Spring. And standing in front of this quilt filled with memories is a sweet little redheaded girl trying to hurry the bunny's arrival along.

Looks Mary Engelbreit-ish, don't you think? I used lightweight fusible interfacing for the baskets, flowers, leaves and machine buttonholing to make her second little quilt. It's held up through lots of cuddling, naptimes, playtimes, and washes.

This quilt began a nature theme for her room when she was a toddler. I painted a mural on one of the walls of a little girl playing under a tree, bees and butterflies flitting, and a gently rolling hill with flowers dotted throughout. Then I used the flower and leaf pattern from this quilt and painted them randomly over the other three walls. I made her a head bumper with bright bluebirds and bumper pad with birds to put around her crib. Even the sheets were made to match. Oh, it looked so sweet as I peeked around the corner to see my little sweetie sound asleep and wrapped in this quilt I'd made for her.

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This was the bumper for the head of her crib.
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And one of the birds from around the shorter bumper. They were in blues and yellows with colorful butterflies flying past them.
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The bumper pads have long been put away. I've thought of cutting into the pads and using them in another quilt but so far have not been able to. Until then I enjoy her little basket quilt and let it take me back to her baby days.

I hope all your quilts bring back a flood of memories.

'Til later...

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