Friday, March 20, 2009

Two kids - two quilts

It's been Spring break for the kids this week. DD and her friend started a quilt and are currently putting the rows together. They are so excited that they nagged me to death to put a few rows together last night. Mornings are my sewing time if I want things to come out right. My mood is not the best in the evenings but we got through a couple rows. They want to finish up putting the rows together tonight but not sure it will happen. I'm shooting for Sunday. DD wants to quilt it herself maybe with a walking foot and a guide they may be able to do some of it. The biggest issue is for them to handle the bulkiness.

Both are already thinking ahead to their next project (real quilters at heart). They want to make a couple preemie quilts to donate to the hospital. They only wish they could see the babies. :) Dummy me went to the fabric store today and came home with fabrics for them to make a few instead of going through stash. I'm happy dd and her friend are sewing but until today I didn't get a darn thing done this Spring break and that was just playing stuff. Hope it does not go this way during the summer.

They both love horses so that is the focus of their quilts.

DD's quilt layout:
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Her friends quilt layout:
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