Thursday, July 7, 2011

Farmer's Wife - 5 more blocks!

These blocks are addicting! Finished up 5 more yesterday. The Flickr group just started week 6 so I should have 12 blocks (24 since I'm doing two quilts) done. Feeling pretty good getting 8 done in just a few days. Picking out the simpler ones for now.

The down side of the book is there are no measurements for the templates. There is a disk to print out templates and I've read that the author is coming out with an updated book this Fall that will include rotary cutting instructions. At this time (since my printer is out of ink and I forget to buy it when I'm out) I'm just drawing them out myself or just using the pictures as a guide. If mine come out a wee bit different than everyone else's then I'm okay with that. I actually like drafting them.

A few of the blocks are the same pattern with different names so I might try to replace them with other 6" blocks.

Trying to find more aqua/red fabrics and spent way too much time on the computer yesterday tracking down possibilities. Thought I would be able to use a very contained selection of fabrics but just can't. I'm a scrapaholic and have to go that route.

Friendship, block 39                                                .

Friendship, block 39                                                 .

Basket Weave, block 4. I did a variation.

Basket Weave, block 4 as in the book.

Flock, block 34 See previous post for scrap version.

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Karen said...

I LOVE your fabric selections! FWQAL addiction is a good thing1