Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Farmer's Wife

I completed two, well 3, blocks in the Farmer's Wife book. One in a controlled color way of aqua and red and two from bits and pieces of my scrap bag. I'm determined to get the smaller scraps down and out of the scrap bag.  I've decided that when I pull a scrap out and use it once that it will not go back in the bag. I'll use it in combination with another scrap in the next block. This way it will really go away and it will add a bit of continuity to the blocks. The only exception is if I can get a 1 1/2" square out of it as I'm working on a postage stamp quilt as a leader/ender project. The itsy bitsy slivers will get thrown outside for the birds to use to decorate their nests.

Here are the few I've finished so far. They are on week five so I should have 10 but I'll  catch up soon. Take a peek at the Flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/1678802@N20/ to see the variety of blocks and fabric choices. I love both the modern brights and the traditional fabrics.

Block 55 -  Linoleum. Did a little fussy cutting on this one to get the plaids more centered.

Block 55 - Linoleum   Fussy cut to center a flower. Ironed it differently too. You can tell. Totally different feel using bright moderns.

Block 34 - Flock  Traditional fabrics. Note I used a bit of the brown from the previous block. Gotta use those scraps up!

Til tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

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