Friday, July 22, 2011

Miniature X String and Farmer's Wife (of course)

A quick post to catch up. Well, kind of, because I've been working on my DQS miniature and have not taken any pics yet. Also, I'm a little confused on whether or not I've posted all my Farmer's Wife blocks made so far. I'm sure they won't be missed for now.

Since I was finishing up the Fresh Lemons Quilts quilt and then used the slivers to make a wallet I decided to use the fabrics that were out and play with making a mini-string x. Nice and citrus-y and bright! Kind of makes me think of Fruit Loops - limey green, lemon yellow and orange-orange. (Yes, I know it's supposed to be raspberry red).

Like my last little mini, it needs borders. I'll have a small pile to finish up if I keep jumping from projects I should be working on to spur of the moment projects.

One thing about using the paper piecing method with these little blocks was the seams were not pressed in the right direction. So I had to "un-press" and "re-press" them. Tedious and aggravating to say the least. Basically, the first row of blocks top to bottom should be pressed down, the next row all up, next down, etc. Believe me, I will remember that the next time around. I just figure any little lumps or bumps from my over zealous pressing will be quilted out. Overall, I like it and might do another down the road.

Don't you like how the white makes all the bright colors pop even more!

Now for the Farmer's Wife. A few basic and rather blah blocks. I'm considering skipping blocks that just don't call to me and substituting them with others. Why I made a greenish block for the aqua/red I don't know but I did. there is going to be some green in the blocks but I think this one is a bit much. We shall see.

So, here is block 10 Box in scrap and "aqua/red" (haha):

 And Block 10 Bowtie in scrap and aqua/red: