Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sew little done

Ahhh, for another full day sewing. I'm ready.

The table mess was cleaned up with minimal side-tracking. You know, you see a block, you draw a quilt. You see a project started, you find a few more fabrics for it. Etc. Etc.

I'm getting behind a bit from where I want to be on my Farmer's Wife blocks. Made a mistake of working on one last night again. Duh. And right after the "shouldn't sew at night" post. Best to save the simplest ones for night - like 9 patch types.

There was a plan in regards to sewing a scrap version too. 1. Use up scraps (of course). 2. Figure out if there needs to be any fudging. You never know when a book has a typo or error. 3. Not waste any of my purchased-especially-for-this-quilt fabric. I would hate to run out of one I really like and not find it again. It happens. I know.

One did get finished - Periwinkle, block 66. My edge was off slightly but I'll just line it up with the sashing and have a slightly smaller seam on this block. It will work. Been there, done that.

FW, Block 66, Periwinkle

With the "no sewing at night in mind" and the peace and quiet in the house (for a while) I think I'll head off and do a block or two or three.

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