Monday, August 18, 2008

There goes my quiet Monday

The dog quilt is on the back burner. This is why I have a drawer of UFO's. Always finding something new to make. Now I'm making a Christmas table topper. Well, actually for my grandma's old buffet. And thinking about trying to make the purse for my sister. Hmm, but I would need to go to the fabric store to find one more fabric. Better forget that. Too much going on.

DH home with toothache and have to get him into the dentist. DD is having sinus and/or a cold thing going on and only the second week of school. Have to get mom to the airport. Yup, better forget the purse thing.

Oh, back to the topper... It's a happy-make-me-smile topper and I'm already thinking of decorating for Christmas and looking forward to it. I love Christmastime.

Back to coffee, laundry, the sewing room while I still have a few hours of quiet and no demands on my time.

p.s. I want to make a simple, but pretty, quilt for dgd for Christmas. Trying to figure out colors. Finally, kind of asked everyone. From her dad: red, black, and pink. Ewwww. The red and black I can handle but NOT the pink. From her mom: not blue, she's tired of blue, nothing blue at all. From her boyfriend: blue. hahaha From her: orange and brown. From me: aqua and brown with a shade of orange somehow? or sage, red, cream/gold (oh, wait, that would be for me.) I like oranges and I like browns. Isn't it always easier to make something when you like the color palette? We'll see. At least it will be easier to look through the stash since I've been refolding. :) Hey, a reason for a droolie trip to the quilt shop too! Yeeha!

What a long p.s.

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