Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Being Midwestern born and raised then transplanted to the dry, hot desert I'm always surprised at the first signs of Fall. It's not in the cool, crisp mornings - it's still in the 100's during the day and 80's at night. The leaves aren't changing color - the plants are still shades of brown from the long, hot summer. I haven't really noticed scarecrows, cornstalks, or gourds in front of houses - they'd just fade out in the sun.

Where is the first sign of Fall?

My daughter's doll and toys. After seeing Halloween goodies out at the store (over 2 months ahead of the day - geesh) she wasted no time in getting in the spirit (no pun intended). Here's her little "sister" JJ with her old friend Bluebeary. JJ gets to snuggle Bluebeary during the day. JJ is wearing a Halloween sleeper to keep her warm and to get ready for trick-or-treat. The next photo is Bluebeary after being hugged and loved for 7 years along side Newbeary.



Hard to believe Bluebeary ever looked like Newbeary. Did you ever see the commercial about the missing favorite toy and the mom bought a new one and did all sorts of things to it to make it look old? That's what I was thinking when I bought Newbeary but dd found him hidden away and promptly named him Newbeary. Heaven help us if Bluebeary ever comes up missing because Newbeary will not work the same magic. It would be drama to the max!

For some reason both these guys have worn sweaters since day one but, Fall it is, since the dolls and bears are getting redressed. Now I just wish it would cool down.

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