Sunday, October 26, 2008

cut and cut and cut

This past week I didn't sew at all. I only cut. It is a ton more work to cut a quilt from scraps than yardage. BUT it's done and there are now two ready-to-piece tops sitting on my cutting table - one a full and one a queen. Or is it two full? Can't remember now.

The strings are neatly stacked for a string quilt so maybe I've cut 3 quilts this week. The really small strings are going to be thrown outside for the birds to (hopefully) use in their nests. Could you imagine how pretty their nests would be with quilt scraps wound through them?

My hands and arms are really aching. Part from cutting the fabric and part from trimming my mom's orange, grapefruit and fruit cocktail trees, pulling weeds, and raking... OUCH!

I REALLY need to get the baby quilt quilted. I was almost a grandma again this weekend and the quilt should be in Oregon waiting for baby, not here. So tomorrow I'm going to stay in baggie flannels, drink coffee, and quilt the baby quilt.


Anonymous said...

Wow Melody! You are a busy bee girl!! Good Luck getting your baby quilt done today, I am rooting for you =)
p.s. The weather girl said we might get snow today!! I know how you like to live vicariously through our cold weather hehehe.

Sherri said...

Oh, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. Thanks for the input on stash organization as well.! And you'll have lots to work on since you got so much cutting done last week! Happy sewing!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Is the baby quilt finished yet?? I know that cutting seems to take forever but your sewing machine will just hum when you start piecing them. BTW it was 30 F here this morning....